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Q&A: What should I know to alleviate back pain from large breasts?

Hello Maryann,
You seem to be suffering from symptomatic macromastia which is neck and back pain due to the heavy weight of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery not only reduces the size of the breasts to a more comfortable and proportionate cup, it also provides a lift and more pleasing shape. Plastic Surgeons perform this type of surgery as we do at Village Plastic Surgery, and our breast reduction patients account for some of our happiest! There are well placed scars that fade with time and the ability to breast feed may be affected.(Most women breast feed partially). 
You would benefit from an evaluation from a back specialist to ensure there are no other contributing causes of your back discomfort.
This procedure is truly designed to achieve comfort as weight loss is usually not sufficient to reduce the size of the breasts. Posture is improved and the strain upon the neck, shoulders and back are relieved effectively. Your quality of life will be enhanced in that you can participate in a greater number of activities more comfortably and clothing choices will be more liberal.

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