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Q&A: What can I do about anhedonia and depression?

I'm sorry to hear that you suffer from depression, irritability, and anhedonia.  Diagnosing you based on the scant information provided would be difficult.  Whether you are diagnosed with depression or bipolar, proper diagnosis and treatment with a qualified mental health professional would be most beneficial in helping you deal with your changing moods.  The proper psychotropic medication might also be helpful in regulating your moods.  I encourage you to take the next step and make an appointment with a qualified mental health professional.  Good Luck!  

The first question is whether you are in psychotherapy  with an experienced psychologist. Your issues required a deep knowledge of intense clinical interventions far more a counseling backround. Medical alone does not provide insight to change your behaviors. With your Drs  a comprehensive treat plan should be developed. 

It's possible that the diagnosis you were given is accurate and it's also possible that it could be something else.  I'd recommend that you see a mental health professional who can do a thorough evaluation.  He or she can then discuss options for treatment and management and answer any questions you have.

I would definitely recommend a thorough evaluation with a psychologist and/or a psychiatrist. The irritability may be a sign of Bipolar Disorder, but it could also be a sign of anxiety, and a complete evaluation could help in determining the best course of treatment. 

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