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Q&A: What should I do about an potential obstructed bowel after gastric bypass surgery?

You are absolutely correct that you may have a serious obstruction waiting to happen.  Please see your original Surgeon or another qualified Bariatric Surgeon to evaluate you.  If your conditions worsens at any time you need to go to the ER immediately.

If you have a bowel obstruction, that usually means surgery. You need to under the care of an experienced Bariatric Surgeon. Other general surgeons are not familiar with complex bariatric cases and are often prejudiced against Bariatric patients, unfortunately. You may have an internal hernia. That means the the small bowel can get trapped inside itself. This is often not seen on CT scan. You need to get enough nutrition and might be malnourished. Check vitamins. You can call me anytime to discuss the case. 

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