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Q&A: What procedure can a 55 year old have done to improve dull, sagging facial skin?

There are a variety of procedures to address aging skin.  We have procedures such as the Time Machine Procedure that help to rejuvenate skin and then there are treatments such as Botox and Fillers which can be done in combination to improve skin wrinkling.  There are also treatments such as BBL which greatly improve skin tone and texture with no down time.  Botox is the best treatment for the wrinkles in the brow area while skin tightening procedures and fillers help the area around the mouth.  In consultation we will determine which of these treatments is best suited for you.

The single best way to rejuvenate aged facial skin still remains fractional laser resurfacing. Wbile numerous alternative skin resurfacing methods exist, such as chemical peels and micro needling which offers some skin texture improvement, laser resurfacing offers the most effective method an can be done as a single one time treatment or in multiples sessions or layers to lessen the recovery time.

Thank you for your question. There are so many options available today to manage the aging face. Wrinkles can be addressed by using fillers, Botox, or skin resurfacing treatments such as chemical peels or laser. It would be helpful to schedule a consultation to assess and discuss the details of your particular situation. I hope this helps and have a wonderful day

Great question!!!  Surgery offers the best and most dramatic results.  A good skin care program with my Aesthetian will improve the quality and texture of the skin.  Fillers and Botox can improve fine lines and wrinkles. The goal in my practice is to offer a comprehensive rejuvination program.

Treatment options for facial wrinkles include facelift, neck lift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), endoscopic brow lift, laser resurfacing (especially fractionated CO2 laser resurfacing), injectable treatments like fillers and Botox, and skin care. Some or all of these treatments are indicated based on one's physical findings and goals. Thanks for your question. 

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