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Q&A: Could I have shingles if I have sores on my arms, stomach and thighs that leave scars when they heal?

Sorry, Nancy, this doesn't sound like any simple, obvious diagnosis or solution. Did you see a dermatologist that said they never saw anything like this? I would advise seeing a dermatologist and getting a biopsy to help to make a diagnosis. If the first doctor you saw was a dermatologist, see a different one who is willing to try to find out what it is. Shingles usually comes in one line and doesn't cross over body parts (eg one arm, one side of the abdomen, one leg). Also, it is only rarely chronic and unless your immune system is severely compromised, it would be very unlikely to keep making new lesions over more than a couple of weeks. If your doctor cannot recommend a dermatologist in your area, find one by logging on to and go to their find a dermatologist section. Good luck!

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