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Q&A: Should I be concerned and seek immediate treatment for a rash of very small bright read spots below my rib cage and upper legs?

Hmmm, obviously you have been looking in some medical textbooks to come up with the term petechiae? What we worry about most with these, which describe small bright red macules (not palpable or feelable or raised spots) which do not blanch (don't turn white when you press on them) are a lack of blood platelets, which are tiny components in blood that aid in clotting. These seal up "holes" in blood vessels so that a decrease in them could cause some of the blood cells to "squirt" out causing small blood spots. I wouldn't get overly alarmed, and it may be due to a valsalva maneuver (straining down while holding your breathe)- do not do this while you - you need to exhale or inhale when you tighten your muscles. I think routine bloodwork in January and mentioning it to your doctor at that time is sufficient. If you were to notice any other unexplained systems, then a visit would be in order.

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