X's Q & A

1) Class III malocclusions are very difficult to correct. If the discrepancy between the upper and lower jaw is too great, jaw surgery in combination with orthodontics is required to achieve a correction. Consequently, children in the 7 to 9 year range who demonstrate class III growth are frequently treated to re-direct this unfavorable growth. I treat each patient individually addressing their specific circumstances. Sometimes I do begin treatment at 7 years of age. 2) While I can't diagnose a patient without seeing him/her, generally the space for the permanent teeth in front of the first permanent molars has been determined as soon as these molars erupt. There are appliances available to expand the dental arches to some extent. Although all orthodontists have similar goals for the patient, the method of achieving those goals can vary from orthodontist to orthodontist. Sometimes there can be a significant variance in the treatment plan.

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