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Question: I will like to know if its possible to do a tummy tuck after having a baby via C-section ? thank you ..
Answer: Absolutely.  Having a previous C section poses not problem regarding undergoing a tummy tuck.  In general, the scar from the C section is completely removed as part of the tummy tuck.  
Question: Hi, my name is Chelsea and I am currently a college student saving up some money. The top of my forehead bone protrudes and comes in in the middle of the forehead and on top of my brow ridge, creating these dents on my forehead. My forehead is not flat and you can feel how much my forehead bone protrudes by feeling and even looking at it. It is really bothering and it is getting to me on an psychological level. Is there anyway you can fix this problem? I have photos is you are interested in looking at them. Thank you.
Answer: Chelsea I have had experience treating the type of problem you describe.  In some cases, we contour the bone and in others, use silicone implants to fill in defects.  The exact treatment depends on the individual situation.  Photos may help but usually an examination is required, and on occasion, X rays may be needed.
Question: I've lost weight-but I still have a sagging neck (turkey neck) I would like to have it tucked/lifted. I would like to know how safe/easy it would to have done & what the cost would be?
Answer: The fee for an isolated necklift is around four thousand while a full mid-lower facelift is around sixty-five hundred.  There would also be fees in the range of two thousand to three thousand to cover operating room, recovery room and anesthesia charges.  Of course exact fees would depend on findings at examination, at which time we could give you an exact fee quote.
Question: I have a rupture in my left implant it feels empty and looks dropt. What do I have to do?? Do I have to go to emergency???
Answer: Maria Assuming you have a saline implant, there is no emergency at all.  Your body absorbs the saline and there is no risk.  As far as treatment, the implant will have to be replaced and the pocket adjusted to allow proper fit.  This can be done at any time and there is no urgency at all.  In most cases, much of the cost may be covered by the manufacturer's warrantee, and in nearly all cases, a new implant will be provided at no cost to you.   Hope this helps
Question: what weight is ok for a tummy tuck 5/5 200pound is that ok
Answer: There is no simple answer to that question and different surgeons have different criteria.  In general, that is pretty heavy for an abdominoplasty but wouldn't rule it out entirely.  The important thing to understand is that obesity increases the risk of surgical and anesthetic complications including wound disruption, blood clots, pulmonary problems etc.  Your age and general health and other factors such as smoking history all come into play.  These are things you would discuss with your surgeon during a consultation.  Also, there are options other than a full abdominoplasty that can be considered that carry a lower overall risk.
Question: after i have a baby i got dark sport on my leg my arm. would would be the right doctor to do it.
Answer: Usually a Dermatologist would be the best choice though some Cosmetic Surgeons so deal with these problems.  
Question: How much are saline implants running?
Answer: Drea Fees do vary from location to location but our charge for breast augmentation using saline implants is currently $2800 dollars.  In addition you can anticipate additional charges for the implants and supplies as well as OR fees  in the range of $2500 and anesthesia feels in the range of $300 to $400.  This is assuming that the surgery is performed in a licensed and accredited facility.  I would not recommend considering surgery in any facility that is less qualified.  
Question: I wanted to know if Medicare or Medicaid cover liposuction? If this was going to help improve my health I would think they would be covered.I know that they cover weight loss from bypass. This is why I am asking
Answer: Marsha I hate to disappoint you but I Know of no situation where Medicare or Medicaid would cover liposuction unless it was done for a specific health reason.
Question: Ihave pigmentation on my cheek.and I would like to get surgical remove.the pigment is the of a quater
Answer: I am having a little difficulty understanding the extent of the pigmentation.  In general, pigmented lesions are of most concern when there is a change in size, which could suggest melanoma.  I would urge you to have the lesion evaluated.  The recommended method of removal would depend on the nature of the lesion.
Question: how long does swelling last after arm lift surgery?
Answer: Donna,   That’s one of those “great” question that are almost impossible to answer accurately, due to individual differences.  As a general rule, I would say that three months is a good average.  That’s when we normally take our post operative photographs and we find that most patients have lost most, if not all, of the swelling.  Of course the scars take a lot longer to mature and you should be thinking of a year or so for them to look near their best.

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