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Question: limited range of motion neck and stiff muscles across shoulders...after 5 weekly deep tissue massages no marked improvement is evident...Need help. Will acupucture help?
Answer: Hello Eleonor, I think that acupuncture could help you in a different way than massage. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine can address the underlying stress and inflammation that may be causing your neck/shoulder pain. I could give you more specific information if I knew a little more about your situation. Please call me if you would like to set up an initial session or free phone consultation.  
Question: I am desperately seeking some input on immunizations. My son has opted NOT to have his 4 month old child (my grandson) immunized. Although I am outraged at this, having recently read some of the internet, I am not totally sure if this is totally out of reason. Can you advise me as to if there are any absolutely necessary immunizations that you would suggest that I could suggest to my son or is the entire immunizations no longer necessary? They reside in Arizona.
Answer: As a professional I do not have training that would qualify me to answer this question. As an individual this is a subject that is of interest to me and that I have been seeking information about. After much research I have been unable to find any long term studies that prove vaccines are safe or effective. On the other hand there are no studies that definitively prove that they are not safe or effective. My feeling is that people on both sides feel that they are right but the truth is there is not enough information for people to be so sure. These are tough decisions and I can understand your fear for your grandson. I can offer you some resources that I have found helpful. The first is Suzanne Humphries, MD. The second is the National Vaccine Information Center. And finally a movie called The Greater Good. Best wishes to you and your family.

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