Ask A Doctor
Question: I have several moles on both sides of my face. Will there be permanent scars if I have them removed? How much will it cost? These moles are hereditary and not cancerous.
Answer: Anytime you have an incision to remove something we put ourselves back together by making scars.  They are pink to start with and fade with time, but the scar is still there.   These type of procedures are often but not always covered by insurance.
Question: I am considering a Laser Specialist to do the laser skin resurfacing procedure. Any pro's or con's on this procedure and using a so called Laser Specialist ??
Answer: The answer is one of experience.  There are plenty of good laser physicians who do more than just laser therapy.  However if the only thing the doctor does is laser then one would expect him or her to have more experience.  Just be sure it is the physician doing the treatment.
Question: I am allergic to SLS, and have several line scars on my face from its use. One is fairly deep. Is there a way to smooth them out?
Answer: Hello,   The reactive lines of the face will vary in depth and characteristic per person.  Only a physical exam will allow us to see potential for dermabrasion, steroid shots, or fillers.   Please feel free to schedule an appointment with me and I can advise on what may benefit you.  

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