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Question: I have had two c-sections. The last in 2007 in which I had two emergency exploratory laps within two weeks afterwards due to bleeding and sepsis which I actually died. After a month in the hospital the wound had to heal from the inside out. It is hideous, pulled, tissue from inside was left outside. It is numb and just terrible and it makes it hard for me to find clothes, underwear, etc. Not to mention the emotional aspects. In my research it would seem insurance would cover this procedure. Is this true and can the scar be repaired?
Answer: Yes, the scar can be repaired. I mainly perform laser liposuction as a reshaping procedure, and your condition sounds like you will need to have the abdominal skin re-excised. I recommend Dr Randy Profit in Mobile to perform this, and would be glad to see you in consultation afterward to help sculpt the areas that can not be treated with a tummy tuck using Laser Liposuction.

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