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Question: I'm a young educated female who suffers from halitosis which is very embarrassing. I've tried different doctors and breath sprays or mouth wash but nothing works. Please am in desperate need of help to try and get rid of this issue.
Answer: It is a shame you have this persistent problem. Halitosis presents from bacterial breakdown products such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg smell) in the mouth. When bacteria remains on the teeth and under the gums, it hardens into calculus (tartar) which produces a bad taste and mouth odor. The treatment is to remove the hard deposits that form above and under the gums, and keep new bacterial deposits from forming by proper brushing, daily flossing and frequent professional dental cleanings. Cavities are formed by bacteria which will also produce halitosis. Some infections of the root canal may also be contributory. Halitosis may also sometimes be caused by post nasal drip from allergies or sinus infection, and it sometimes results from esophageal  bacterial growth produced by acid reflux. See your physician for reflux or sinus problems. See your dentist more frequently for cleanings and for diagnosis and treatment of cavities and dental infections. Hope you get relief from your Halitosis by following these guidelines.
Question: I'm interested in getting veneers for my front teeth. Is this the most conservative option? Also what is the average price range? Thank you!
Answer: Hi Nick,    Veneers are a wonderful choice to repair, reshape or add a lighter color to  stained, broken, uneven or un-esthetic teeth. The most popular veneers are made of lifelike porcelain, while other materials  such as bonding can be very attractive and sometimes more economical. As a conservative alternative, consider orthodontic treatment with clear aligners or braces when teeth are crooked or crowded. Whitening can change the color of even the darkest stained teeth. Usually, the most conservative option is the least invasive option which at the same time gives you the desired result. If a treatment does not give you the result you wish, it is the least desirable choice. Veneer fees vary depending where you live, the experience and qualifications of your dentist, and the complexity of your treatment. Fees range from $100- $750+ for bonding, and $750 to $2500+ for porcelain veneers.   In general it is best to share your concerns with your dentist, and they will help you to select the most conservative option for your needs.   Enjoy your Veneers!
Question: I have had chronic gum pain that radiated to my head and basically debilitates me. I take Tylenol for the pain,1000 mg q4h, it alleviates the pain for around 3.5 hours then it comes back with a vengeance. I have squamous cell carcinoma and had a flap replace 80 % of my tongue. I have no epiglottis. 2 radical neck dissections. I have heard that BOTOX injections can help eliminate the pain that I am having. I have had this pain prior to my cancer diagnosis I believe as a result of shingles that I had in 2011. All of the research I have found points to postherpetic neuralgia. If I can get rid of this pain it would change my life. Will BOTOX help?
Answer: Although trigeminal neuralgia is not the same condition that you are referring to, consulting a neurologist trained in relieving pain stemming from this similar disorder may be helpful to you. Hope this is helpful.

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