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Question: Hello, I was wondering If it was possible for me to have developed Depression when this happened: Before fourth grade, I had recently moved to Ohio and lived there for a year. Moving there and back caused much stress to build up. First off, I lost many my friends that I had before I left. I honestly didn't have anyone else but my family; but not everyone I had before. Many my cousins just didn't get along with me anymore. I was not the type of person that they were. Also, the air in Ohio was not as bad for me as it is here. I never got sick, got asthma attacks, or been sent to the hospital. While over here in Arizona, I cannot survive a year without a visit to the ICU. Thanks for reading!
Answer: Dear Dadream, The answer to your question regarding depression is that usually comes from many contributing factors.  Yes, your fourth grade experience must have been very difficult for you, and could have well contributed, but research is showing that depression can have a biological link as well. You may want to speak with a therapist if you are feeling depressed.
Question: How can I find out officially if I am depressed? I've taken a few quizzes online, and my results are either depressed or severely depressed. What do I do?
Answer: Hi. I would suggest to you that taking quizzes online will not provide you with accurate information, and the best thing to do would be to see a mental health professional in your area. In most cities, there are mental health clinics who would see you for a lower fee that if you see a private professional.   Sometimes the clinics have names with the city name and then the words mental health, and then, you can make an appointment. Please remember that depression is treatable, so try not to worry.

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