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Question: I am inquiring about a procedure that entails transfering fat from one part of the body (stomach) to another (breasts).  I would like to know if such a surgery is possible, the name of the procedure, estimated cost, risks involved, and any other information you are willing to give.  My goal in researching this type of procedure is to have more natural looking and feeling breasts.  I have had two breast augmentation surgeries to achieve the size I want. I have gone from a small A-cup to a large D-cup with saline implants. I am very pleased with the results, compared to my appearence prior to the surgeries.  However, it is obvious that I have implants when my breasts are touched and they are also very round. My plastic surgeon explained to me that this would be the result, I'm just wondering if there is anything that can be done to make my breasts look and feel more natural.  I also would like to reduce the size of my breasts from my current D-cup (with implants) to a C-cup. Please let me know what you can about the procedure I mentioned and anything at all that may help accomplish my goal.  Thank you very much.
Answer: I think your main question is how to make your breasts look and feel more natural.  I think that silicone gel implants would give you a much more natural look and feel.  They minimize the extreme roundness and unnatural water balloon feeling that is common with saline filled implants.  I don't think you would be happy with fat injections to the breast.  In my opinion they fat injections won't give you the excellent fullness that can be achieved with silicone gel implants.  I would recommend that you speak with your plastic surgeon about downsizing your implants and switching to gels.
Question: Hi,  I am 40 years old and have hereditory 'puffy' eyebags which are not always evident.  If I do decide to have a blepharoplasty (assuming I have to be 'cut' from the outside - where would the incisions be placed and how 'large' would these have to that I mean, how far from the outer edge of my eyes would they extend? 
Answer: The typical external lower eyelid blepharoplasty incision is just barely below the eyelashes and then extends out to the crow's feet on average about 1/4th to 1/2 inch.  These scars are usually very inconspicuous and blend in with the normal fine lines and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes.  Of course, if you need only to have fat removed you could have the blepharoplasty done internally (transconjunctival) which would result in no visible scar.
Question: My name is Cynthia, and I have had three children, I have a pouch under my belly button, I love to drink beer, and watch my Bama play football. I was wondering if smart-lipo or with a tube lipo would be better than lipo, and also if the skin would need to be removed, or if it would tighten again. I will soon be 57 years old. Thanks.
Answer: Usually after delivering children the skin has loosened sufficiently that abdominoplasty, which includes liposuction, tightening of the muscles, and removal of loose skin, will give the best result.  Liposuction alone in the presence of loose skin such as you describe often results in a worsening of the appearance of the skin.  Also, after childbirth, the muscles of the tummy are stretched and the best treatment would be tightening of the muscles.  The tummy tuck procedure is often performed as an outpatient in the office setting.  There are plenty of photos of abdominoplasties available on including in my listing.  Best wishes to you.
Question: What would be the cost to remove some of the excess tissue under my chin (sides of neck) and a procedure for removing wrinkles under my eyes? Do you remove a forehead wrinkle as well? Are consults free?
Answer: It sounds like you are interested in a neck lift.  In that operation, the muscles of the neck are tightened and the extra fat and skin removed providing a smooth contour and restoration of the jawline.  Depending upon what you need, the costs, including operating room, anesthesia and surgeons fees would be between $5,000 to $8,000.  Although I charge for the consultation, 100% of that fee will be applied to reduce the cost of your surgery.  On my website you can see photos of neck lifts as well as facelifts, which includes neck lift.  Thanks for your inquiry.
Question: I had my breasts done about 7 years ago and want to have a new implant put in. How much will this cost?
Answer: The answer to your question depends on a lot of factors.  Do you want to change the type of your implants?  That is, if you currently have saline filled implants do you want to change to silicone gel implants?  Do you want to have larger implants to replace your current implants.  Is there a problem with your implants.  I am afraid that I cannot give you a solid answer since costs would vary with the reason for the implant change.  Different procedures require different amount of time and difficulty, which would affect the cost.  
Question: what weight is ok for a tummy tuck 5/5 200pound is that ok
Answer: I think that you would benefit from abdominoplasy and liposuction (tummy tuck with liposuction).  Your body mass index (BMI) comes in at 34 which is within my limits.  I usually perform the procedure in the office as an outpatient.  The use of pain pumps reduces the post operative discomfort significantly.  Tummy tuck with liposuction is one of the highest patient satisfaction procedures I perform.  
Question: I am a 33 year old male, I took steroids when I was 22 yrs old but did not take an estrogen block at that time. Since then I have breast tissue that built up. I am embarrassed to take my shirt off. Will meds help or only surgery?
Answer: Surgery is the only option I am aware of.  The procedure would be liposuction of the breast area using ultrasonic liposuction.  The ultrasonic energy breaks up the breast and fatty tissues and that tissue is suctioned out.  The procedure is typically done in the office operating room under anesthesia as an outpatient.  You would wear a compression vest for a few weeks after surgery and be able to resume your normal activities in several weeks.  The results would be a life changer for you.  
Question: after 10 years, scar from breast reduction seems to be opening. Its located under breast, and just appeared. I do farm work, and am active with horse care. Could I have torn something? No pain. Any Ideas?
Answer: Scars can stretch out with time.  Without seeing what the scars look like, it is very difficult to give you my opinion.  I would recommend that you see a plastic surgeon and have him or her evaluate your scarring.  Best wishes.
Question: what is the cost of a tummy tuck. I'm 24 with 2 kids and a size 30 at the waist. do you know my rough estimate cost?
Answer: The usual charges including the operating room charge, the anesthetist’s charge, the surgeon’s fee and follow up care runs about $10,000.  When I perform abdominoplasty, liposuction is almost always performed in the hip region as well and that is included in the cost given above.  Please see my gallery for some before and after results.  

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