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Question: How long is the recovery period for breast reduction surgery, and what are te side effects of such a surgery?
Answer: Hello Bee,   Thank you for your great question. Our patients typically take one week away from work to recover and return to most daily activities by one to two weeks. Full activity including lifting and exercise is resumed by one month.   Side effects are minimal with the procedure as long as the individual is healthy, and a non-smoker and the Plastic Surgeon is experienced.  There are small risks to any surgery including infection, bleeding, poor healing and scarring.  These can be minimized with the right precautions.   Some of our happiest patients have undergone breast reduction as their back and neck pain is relieved, they can participate in a broader range of activities, enjoy a freedom in clothing selection, and feel more comfort and confidence day to day. Scars fade over time and the trade off is worthwhile. 
Question: im 59yrs old female. my weight is 178lbs 5' tall. i suffer from back pain, had surgery 3 yrs ago but still have problems with it. it looks impossible for me to get rid of all the fat accumulated on my tummy since i cant exercise. what are the risks of having a tummy tuck and how long it takes to recuperate from the surgery. in how many days approx. would have be able to walk?
Answer: Hello,   Tummy tucks are indicated for individuals who are of a healthy weight and are looking to trim extra skin after weight loss or pregnancies. It is not a means of weight loss nor a treatment for back pain.    Also if you have significant fat deposits along the  abdomen a tummy tuck will not yield good results and proper healing.   It is difficult to advise you of your best options without an examination and medical history, but a tummy  tuck may not be your best option.
Question: how much is it to repair earlobe
Answer: Hello Millie,   Earlobe repairs vary in technique and complexity as the deformities can truly vary.  Some tears are due to injury and others due to a variety of  piercing methods.   An in person examination is required before offering accurate fees for the procedure as each individual may benefit from different repairs. I encourage you to contact our office to set up a private consultation when most convenient for you.
Question: I have size 44 do and now that in older i have alot of back pain i really want them smaller because I want no more pain plus I want people to like me for me not my big breast? I want to feel good about myself where do i go to get this done? what should I know before i go?
Answer: Hello Maryann,   You seem to be suffering from symptomatic macromastia which is neck and back pain due to the heavy weight of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery not only reduces the size of the breasts to a more comfortable and proportionate cup, it also provides a lift and more pleasing shape. Plastic Surgeons perform this type of surgery as we do at Village Plastic Surgery, and our breast reduction patients account for some of our happiest! There are well placed scars that fade with time and the ability to breast feed may be affected.(Most women breast feed partially).    You would benefit from an evaluation from a back specialist to ensure there are no other contributing causes of your back discomfort.   This procedure is truly designed to achieve comfort as weight loss is usually not sufficient to reduce the size of the breasts. Posture is improved and the strain upon the neck, shoulders and back are relieved effectively. Your quality of life will be enhanced in that you can participate in a greater number of activities more comfortably and clothing choices will be more liberal.  
Question: Is nipple reduction a safe procedure? If so, what would be a reasonable (not overpriced, but still reasonable for the work being done) price to pay for it?
Answer: Hello,   Nipple reduction surgery is safe and effective in experienced hands. There are various types of procedures depending on the individuals' goals and anatomy.  The areola may be reduced as well as the nipple itself. Scars are well hidden with both procedures and the recovery period is relatively short.   Each procedure carries different fees and can range between $1800-$3000.  
Question: My nose was broken 20 years ago and is crooked, it is getting worse with age. Can this be corrected with non surgical rhinoplasty? Also, how long does it last?
Answer: Hello,   An examination would be needed prior to determining if you would benefit from a non-surgical nasal procedure such as injectables to improve any traumatic nasal deformities.    If you are experiencing any functional breathing problems, your passages may be narrowed due  to the trauma and will not be aided by injectables alone.   Small dorsal deformities can be temporarily improved with fillers, but these will need to be repeated  every few months depending on the filler and individual's metabolism.   Warm Regards,     Dr. Pedy Ganchi
Question: I am 20 years old and I am 5"1. I weigh 252lbs and I am currently a 38K bra size and I was wondering what procedures I would have to take to get a breast reduction. I do not smoke and I am trying to exercise more but even with a good bra I have pain in my neck and back while exercising due to my breast bouncing. Will I be able to get a breast reduction?
Answer: Hello,     Thank you for your question about breast reduction surgery. You seem to be suffering from symptomatic macromastia, a condition where the excessively large size and weight of the breasts causes neck, back and shoulder pain as well as limitations in activities.   Breast reduction surgery (or reduction mammaplasty) is a therapeutic procedure which helps reduce the size of the breasts while also lifting them to the proper position on the chest. Liposuction can be used in conjunction with the reduction to better shape the breasts and axillary region(under arms).   Good candidates are healthy, non tobacco users, of a healthy weight  who are suffering the symptoms you mentioned.  You would greatly benefit from weight loss first as your body mass index(BMI)  is dangerously high. Individuals with very high BMI are at greater risk of complications. You may consider a more strict diet and low impact exercise fro now to avoid straining your back. If these methods fail, it may be beneficial to consult a bariatric specialist to achieve  weight loss.   Once you are a healthy weight, you will be a better surgical candidate and will have a more safe and positive outcome.  
Question: I live in NYC, and I am 19, wanting to get a areola reduction. I'm a larger C cup with dark nipples that make me self conscious. I'm concerned about the scarring it might cause, or what might happen if my breasts enlarge further. What could the costs be like? Would the consultation cost anything extra?
Answer: Hello,   Areola even reduction is a procedure  that can be performed under local anesthesia(awake with numbing the area) to create areola that are aesthetically proportionate to the breasts. This technique can also provide a small lift if desired.   The scars run all around the areola and may look puckered at first.  They become smooth as the area heals and barring weight gain in the breasts, the results are long lasting. When performed properly by an experienced Plastic Surgeon, the size of the areola remain stable as permanent stitches are interlocked for support.    Scarring is always a concern and must be weighed against your dissatisfaction with your appearance.  Well concealed, flat scars are a good trade off for an undesirable appearance as they fall nicely along the natural areolar borders.   Plastic Surgeons set  their own policies regarding cosmetic consultations, and some are complimentary while others charge a fee.  It's best to select and experienced, Board certified  and caring surgeon who understands your goals. You can review the expected results, risks, benefits, options and recovery as well as surgical fees during the consultation.   Best of luck in your search.  
Question: i have a very sensitive skin. And being asian, i'm more susceptible to form a keloid. Is labiaplasty safe or a guarantee to get done with less chance of forming a keloid?
Answer: Hello,   Labiaplasty surgery carries a very minimal risk of scar thickening and keloids. The tissues are unlike the skin(dermis) and therefore not nearly as susceptible to such issues. Individuals who use tobacco seem to be at a higher risk for scar thickening, although I have not seen  any such scar problems in my patients in the 15 years I have performed labiaplasty.   Overall, labiaplasty carries a very small risk of scar thickening and a high satisfaction rating when performed by an experienced and meticulous Plastic Surgeon.
Question: What causes the labia to be stretched and so discolored...? Mine is and it makes me so self conscious
Answer: Hello,   The normal labia minora can vary greatly in length and color and can change with age and childbirth.   Women are now more conscious of the appearance of the labia due to Brazillian waxing, leggings, yoga pants and prevalence of porn on the internet.  The trend is a preference for short labia that also provide for more comfort for those who are physically very active.   The color of the normal labia also vary from pink to darker shades of brown depending on the individual's skin tone. With trim techniques the darker tissue that some women dislike can be removed. Care must be taken to leave behind an adequate ledge of  labial tissue to avoid functional problems.    Labiaplasty is a relatively newly popular procedure and requires understanding of anatomy as well experience with surgical techniques that are safe and reliable. When performed by skilled, experienced Plastic Surgeons, it carries a good safety profile and high patient satisfaction rating.  

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