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  • Makeovers for Men - Top Cosmetic Surgery Procedures

    Botox, Themage, Male Breast ReductionWhile women account for the majority of plastic and cosmetic procedures each year, men are still lining up for facelifts, BOTOX injections and liposuction to improve their appearance.

  • Are You a Good Candidate for a Contour Thread Lift?

    If you’ve been thinking about undergoing facelift surgery but don’t think you can manage the pain, scarring and downtime involved, you may be a good candidate for a facelift alternative such as the Contour Thread Lift. The Contour Thread Lift is one of the latest developments in facial rejuvenation, and is designed to lift sagging skin without extensive surgery. The procedure is the only one of its kind that includes FDA-approved nonabsorbent threads, and can help to take years off your appearance.

  • Featherlift vs. Facelift Surgery - How to Choose

    If you’ve considered undergoing facelift surgery to eliminate the signs of aging and rejuvenate your appearance, extensive surgery may not be your only option. Today’s innovative plastic surgery techniques include non-surgical cosmetic procedures that help to lift and tone the facial tissues, and these procedures can provide similar, and in some cases better, results.

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  • A Japanese beauty company has unveiled a unique facelift treatment designed to reduce wrinkles, tighten up the skin and even boost collagen production - all with the power of 24 Karat Gold.

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