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  • Removing Stretch Marks, Tattoos, Birthmarks, or Age Spots (Liver Spots) with the Medlite 6 Laser

    The Medlite 6 Laser is a high-tech way to remove tattoos or eliminate brown discoloration caused by certain birthmarks or age spots also known as "liver spots", as well as diminish the sight of stretchmarks.

  • How Lasers Remove Permanent Makeup

    More and more people are using permanent makeup to highlight areas of the face like the eyebrows and lips. Although common, there are a significant number of patients that contact tattoo removal doctors to remove or lighten their permanent makeup.

  • Tips to Avoid Tattoo Removal Side Effects

    If you’ve decided that you can’t live with your tattoo anymore, you can undergo a tattoo removal procedure to get rid of the tattoo permanently. Tattoos can be removed with laser therapy but there are some risks involved and side effects can be fairly severe. Working with an experienced practitioner is critical for a successful outcome.

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  • Khloe Kardashian Picture -

    After her marriage to the NBA’s Lamar Odom, reality star Khloe Kardashian had a small tattoo of "LO" placed on her hand between the thumb and the forefinger. When the marriage failed, it was still an everlasting reminder. While she has gone on record as stating she doesn't want the tattoo removed, if she changes her mind laser tattoo removal can be a great process to make the permanent item not so permanent anymore.

  • Edward Dickerson M.D. Discusses Fast Tattoo Removal

    Ever get your partners name tattooed on your body? Now, it just reminds you of a failed relationship. On the other hand, that cougar on your back you got when you were inebriated in college during spring break, you just can’t stand it!

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