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Cosmetic Surgery Essentials - Average Costs for the 5 Most Popular Procedures


When it comes to cosmetic procedures, patients inevitably have many questions as they consider their options. Potential patients wonder about things like what preparations they will need to make in advance, the types of side effects they might experience, and what the recovery period will be like. But the main thing on most people’s minds is the cost.


Understand the Potential Pros and Cons of Breast Reduction Surgery


While many patients report a completely positive outcome, those who are considering breast reduction surgery should understand the potential pros and cons of undergoing the procedure. As is the case with any type of surgical process, every patient has a unique experience. It’s important to know what could happen beforehand. These pros and cons represent some of the most common findings reported by patients who have elected to have breast reduction surgery done:


How Safe is a Neck Lift Procedure?

Photo of Safety of Necklift Procedure LocateADoc

If you have excess skin or fat around your neck, you may be considering getting neck lift surgery. Just like any other form of cosmetic surgery, this procedure has its fair share of benefits and risks. Before going forward with this or any other plastic surgery procedure, you should consult your doctor and inform yourself on every risk involved to find out whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the procedure.


Relying on Non-Certified Plastic Surgeons Can Increase Risk of Dangerous Infections

Photo of importance of board certified plastic surgeon LocateADoc

Is your plastic surgeon keeping you safe? Every year hundreds of thousands of cosmetic surgical procedures are performed, many by board-certified surgeons in accredited hospitals or other medical facilities. However, there are many outpatient locations in which non-specialists not subject to the standards of state and federal regulations execute the same procedures. In such environments, even common procedures such as liposuction can turn deadly without proper protection from risks such as infection.


New Plastic Surgery Trend Models Maleficent's Cheekbones

Photo of looking like maleficent plastic surgery LocateADoc

Have you been dreaming of that fairytale makeover? Well, you’re not alone. The newest trend in plastic surgery inspiration may not be what you expect. Since the release of Disney’s “Maleficent,” the bewitching cheekbones of the black-robed title character, played by Angelina Jolie, have cast a spell over many women wishing to highlight their own facial contours.


You Might Be Surprised at the Most Common Plastic Surgery Procedures in Your State

Most popular plastic surgeries by state LocateADoc

Beauty is, for certain, in the eye of the beholder, but how does the background change that view? Plastic surgery is becoming more and more prevalent across the United States. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently put out some stats about the popularity of procedures by state. Lets take a look at a few different procedures and see where they are most popular.


LocateADoc.com Releases a New Infographic: Selfie Psychology Stats and Info

Infographic: Selfie Psychology Stats and Info Selfies have become an integral aspect of defining self-image in the modern era. What lasting effect will selfies have on us psychologically? Physically?

Of all photos taken by people ages 18-24, 30% are selfies.


Shelf-Life of Plastic Surgery: Five Most Common Plastic Surgery Repeats

Photo of shelf life of plastic surgery Locate A Doc

Despite the amount of money you spend on changing your look, after the initial surgery, there's always a possibility for needing something tightened or touched up. Sadly, many plastic surgeries aren't meant to last forever. Their lifespan may not be as long as you think. Here are five of the most common plastic surgery repeats.


Butt and Labiaplasty Procedures on the Rise

Photo of butt and labiaplasty procedure increase LocateADoc

Plastic surgery reports show that some of the most popular procedures include rhinoplasties, tummy tucks, and breast augmentations. But some people are surprised to see that other, more private areas of the body are being targeted by women and their surgeons. Buttock augmentation and vaginal rejuvenation, also known as a labiaplasty, saw tremendous growth last year. In fact, the number of buttock procedures rose by 58% in 2013. Nearly 10,000 buttock augmentations with fat grafting were performed last year. The number of vaginal rejuvenation procedures increased by 44% between 2012 and 2013.


Step Up To This Machine To See A New You!

Photo of new machine to see new you Locate A Doc

A bad haircut grows out, an unflattering outfit can be returned, but what do you do about plastic surgery that doesn’t turn out quite right? Pre-surgery consultations give patients some idea of what they will look like after surgery, but a new service is working to give patients a clearer picture. Vectra is an innovative new tool that uses 3-D imaging to photograph a patients body and then allow surgeons to manipulate that model to show what a patient’s body would look like with surgical modifications. It is perfect for a patient who knows they want to make some change but is unsure what procedure is right for them.