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Cosmetic Procedures That Offer the Gain without the Pain

Photo of minimall invasive cosmetic procedure LocateADoc

Who wants to undergo full surgery, complete with bandages and potentially painful recovery, when these days a quick visit to the doctor’s office can leave you with fuller lips, less wrinkles, or more supple skin? The popularity of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures has been steadily increasing in recent years and is poised only to soar higher. Advances in technology have made these procedures more efficient and effective than ever while decreasing side effects and downtime, virtually guaranteeing that their demand will continue to rise.


Laser Treatment Can Treat Many Skin Problems

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Laser skin treatment has been around for more than 20 years, but can it really help with skin problems? Dermatologists who employ this treatment believe so. In fact, many experts in the field of dermatology believe there are at least five skin problems that laser treatments have helped with or corrected in the last two decades.


Maximize Skin Beauty with the MicroPen


It is common for individuals to seek to have scars from surgery, stretch marks from rapid weight gain or loss, and other bothersome marks removed from their skin. But rather than going through an elaborate procedure, there is a new option that many are exploring to achieve their desired results. 


Staying Healthy: Baby Boomers Thriving Infographic

Baby Boomer Healthy Living Infographic - LocateADoc
By the year 2015, 45% of the U.S. population will be 50 or older. However, staying healthy has become a prevalent trend for this age group.

LocateADoc Releases a New Infographic - Nourish Your Skin With Help From a Dermatologist

Infographic: Nourish Your Skin With Help From a Dermatologist We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet. But cutting down on the junk food and increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals affects more than just your waistline; it can renew and replenish your skin. While no one food can completely change your complexion by itself, eating right improves your skin just as it improves the rest of your body. So next time you're nourishing your body, don’t forget about your largest organ. Your skin spends all day protecting you, isn’t it time you indulged it?

Top 5 Questions Asked About Sunscreen Protection

Dermatology and Tanning Summer is here and it seems it’s going to be a hot one! With that being said, the question of how much sunscreen should I put on comes to mind. Therefore, we searched for the most common questions asked pertaining to the subject. Here are the top 5 questions people asked about sunscreen protection, answered by dermatologists.

Welcome to the NEW LocateADoc.com!

We’re excited to announce the official launch of the NEW LocateADoc.com, now enhanced with robust features, interactive elements, and comprehensive doctor profiles!

We’ve made it easier than ever for patients like you to compare doctors in your area, learn about your procedure, and book a consultation. The team behind LocateADoc.com has spent years rebuilding this site from the ground up and we’re proud to unveil a brand new platform designed with our patients in mind.

Some of the exciting new features on our site:

  • Enhanced Doctor Search. This is the core of our site and now we’ve made it simple to find a doctor in your area. Search by location, procedure, or body part to find the right medical services provider or treatment provider in your area.  You can also Compare Doctors side by side in a few clicks!

  • Enhanced Before and After Pictures that with a brand new “search by body part” feature. Just hover over the areas of interest and choose which pictures you want to see! You can also search the gallery by procedure and by doctor. Search and share high resolution photos of more than 200 procedures on Facebook and Pinterest.

Laser Therapy May Be Effective for Treating Precancerous Skin Lesions

Laser Therapy Treats Precancerous Lesions Up until now, dermatologists have been trying a variety of different skin removal techniques to get rid of precancerous skin lesions.

According to a report published in the November/December issue of the Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, dermatologists may soon be able to treat premalignant skin lesions using carbon dioxide laser ablation treatments.

Oral and Topical Agents Can Prevent UV-Induced Skin Cancer

Topical agents, diet and certain medicines presented at the American Academy of Dermatology’s Summer Academy Meeting 2010 in Chicago is showing promise for preventing UV-induced skin cancer. Most skin cancers are caused by overexposure to ultraviolet radiation, and dermatologists are now encouraging the public to be conscientious about the amount of sun they are exposed to, and taking extra steps to use broad-spectrum sunscreen on a regular basis.

Still, incidences of non-melanoma skin cancer continue to rise, and researchers are investigating the effects of certain foods, vitamins and medicines that may prevent skin cancer.


Bone Marrow Stem Cells Show Promise for Repairing Skin

Individuals with a rare skin disease called recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) can improve their condition with the transfer of bone marrow stem cells. A team of medical researchers has found that bone marrow stem cells can effectively treat the disease and help to repair the skin and speed up the healing process. This skin disease cannot be treated with conventional dermatology procedures.

The results of a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in the middle of August 2010, and until now, there ha s not been any treatment or chance of a cure for RDEB. The study is the first of its kind that shows how bone marrow stem cells can adapt to the skin tissues and upper gastrointestinal tract, and help to slow down the progression of the disease.