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A First Timer’s Guide to Breast Augmentation Now Available

Houston, TX (PRWEB) -- Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery is excited to announce the April release of its new e-book, Breast Friends, a First Timer’s Guide to Breast Augmentation. The guide walks potential patients through the breast implant process, from start to finish. The publication is available through the Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery website at no charge.

How Harmful are Indoor Tanning Beds?

How Harmful are Indoor Tanning Beds Picture - LocateADoc.com More than a million Americans go to tanning salons every day to get serviced. Although indoor tanning beds are designed to give you a beautiful golden brown body, studies have proven it can damage considerable and even predispose a person to skin cancer.

Reversing and Preventing Male Pattern Baldness

Photo Of Man Prevent Male Pattern Baldness

Hair loss used to be an inevitable fate for those with a family history of male pattern baldness. But nowadays, Propecia provides an effective hair restoration option.


Least Invasive Fertility Options to Try


Many couples go through years of frustration in their attempt to have children. However, moving straight to in vitro fertilization isn’t the only option a couple has when exploring alternative ways to get pregnant. 


Running Barefoot May Help You Avoid Chronic Pain

Photo-of-running-barefoot-benefits - LocateADoc

For many runners, the natural motion of a forefoot strike is encouraged by running without shoes. However, for those who hit the ground with the heel first, barefoot running can cause strain on the achilles tendon. Thus, running without shoes is an example of a great type of exercise that may be beneficial for some, but harmful to others.


A New Head of Hair For A Former New England Patriot

Photo Of Man After Hair Transplant

They say that men with a full head of hair command more respect, make more money, and get more dates. Now, one wouldn’t expect that an all-pro wide receiver felt he was lacking in any of those categories, but Denver Bronco Wes Welker certainly appreciates the advantages of a full head of hair. In the summer of 2012, when he was playing for the New England Patriots, the wide receiver underwent a hair transplant to remediate the hair thinning that most men experience as they age.


Brush, Floss, Program?

Photo of brush floss teeth xray Locate A Doc

Computers have played a critical role in the medical world in the last 50 years, assisting in every aspect of the practice from surgery to lab tests to hospital organization. Thus, it should be no surprise that computers are making big waves in dentistry as well. Computer Assisted Dentistry (CAD) and Computer Assisted Molding (CAM) are innovative new practices that make your experience far more convenient and comfortable.


Kardashian Reality TV Star Creates Doctor Discussion on Sex Change

Kardashian's Bruce Jenner sex change photo - LocateADoc.com Media speculation about reality TV’s Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s Bruce Jenner having a sex change had us ask some of our LocateADoc.com doctors about the procedures used for the process.

Plastic Surgery Or BOTOX? Factors To Consider

Photo of woman after botox - Locate A Doc

For individuals considering getting work done to improve the appearance of their face there are two major options: BOTOX and plastic surgery. Both make you look younger, healthier, and fresher, but they achieve this by different methods and require different investments on the part of the patient. If you are considering these procedures there are a handful of important factors to weigh.


Great Eyesight At Any Age


LASIK is the world’s most common elective surgery. It’s popular primarily because it works--the procedure is successful in over 95% of patients. Furthermore, the effects are immediate, as the patient’s vision is improved within a day of the surgery.