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New Plastic Surgery Trend Models Maleficent's Cheekbones

Photo of looking like maleficent plastic surgery LocateADoc

Have you been dreaming of that fairytale makeover? Well, you’re not alone. The newest trend in plastic surgery inspiration may not be what you expect. Since the release of Disney’s “Maleficent,” the bewitching cheekbones of the black-robed title character, played by Angelina Jolie, have cast a spell over many women wishing to highlight their own facial contours.


How Can Brow Lifts Lighten the Weight of Aging?

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Have you looked in the mirror lately and noticed that time seems to be creeping up on you, though you can’t pinpoint where? Many of the most common and evident signs of aging can be traced to target areas in the forehead and brow region. Thus, many plastic surgeons may recommend brow lifts as one of the cosmetic facial procedures most likely to rejuvenate the main signs of aging in a patient. What does this procedure entail, and how can it lift some of the years off your face?


Cosmetic Procedures That Offer the Gain without the Pain

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Who wants to undergo full surgery, complete with bandages and potentially painful recovery, when these days a quick visit to the doctor’s office can leave you with fuller lips, less wrinkles, or more supple skin? The popularity of minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures has been steadily increasing in recent years and is poised only to soar higher. Advances in technology have made these procedures more efficient and effective than ever while decreasing side effects and downtime, virtually guaranteeing that their demand will continue to rise.


The Popularity of Cosmetic Surgery is Growing with the Economy

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According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2013 increased 12% over the previous year. This is a positive sign for an industry that, like most others, took a hit as a result of the recent economic recession, which started in 2008.


Engagement Ring Selfies Make Hand Lifts More Popular

Instagram engagement selfie from @3sth3r_817 After saying yes, future brides are announcing their engagement increasingly through social media posting wedding ring selfies with Instagram tags such as #wereengaged, #saidyes, and #putaringonit.

LocateADoc.com Releases a New Infographic: Selfie Psychology Stats and Info

Infographic: Selfie Psychology Stats and Info Selfies have become an integral aspect of defining self-image in the modern era. What lasting effect will selfies have on us psychologically? Physically?

Of all photos taken by people ages 18-24, 30% are selfies.


What are the Pros and Cons of Injectable Fillers?

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As you age, your skin can lose its elasticity and begin to sag. You may develop fine lines and wrinkles, and you may even start to lose fat in your face, causing certain areas to look pale and thin. Injectable fillers can help you to restore a more youthful look and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. However, these products are not for everyone. Here are a few pros and cons of these treatments:


Staying Healthy: Baby Boomers Thriving Infographic

Baby Boomer Healthy Living Infographic - LocateADoc
By the year 2015, 45% of the U.S. population will be 50 or older. However, staying healthy has become a prevalent trend for this age group.

What You Need To Know About Plastic And Cosmetic Surgeons

Photo of A Doctor's Stethoscope - LocateADoc.com Many people are confused when it comes to distinguishing between a plastic surgeon and a cosmetic surgeon. In reality, these two types of professionals have very different training. So it's critical for prospective patients to understand what each is equipped to do so they can make an informed decision.


Top 10 Most Popular LocateADoc.com Doctors of 2013

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD, FACOG Picture - LocateADoc.com LocateADoc.com is full of many amazing doctors and medical professionals that connect and help so many of you in our community. There are some that stand out from the crowd often due to their participation with our community including answering Ask A Doctor questions from you and providing detailed before and after picture case studies.

We researched back over 2013 and found the doctors you made the most popular on LocateADoc.com.