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LocateADoc.com Announces New Medical Advisory Board

LocateADoc.com Medical Advisory Board We recently announced 13 new members to our Medical Advisory Board, continuing the tradition of providing effective business direction and quality industry insights to the LocateADoc.com team.

Facts about Getting Approved for Bariatric Surgery

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Bariatric surgery has given many individuals the feeling that they have a second chance at life. After years, even decades, of struggling with obesity, many find relief by turning to this tested and proven weight loss procedure.


Lessen the Impact of Type 1 Diabetes with a Skilled Sleeve Gastrectomy and Lap Band Surgeon

Michael Feiz, MD, FACS Los Angeles, CA, June 10, 2014 – Leading bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is looking very closely at an exciting new study from the Cleveland Clinic that indicates weight loss procedures performed by a gastric sleeve or lap band surgeon may have a dramatic impact on the health of severely obese sufferers of type 1 diabetes.

The Basics of Bariatric Surgery and Life After the Surgery

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Bariatric surgery can be a wonderful tool for individuals who are severely obese and have been unable to address their condition through diet, exercise, medicine, and counseling. The procedure is appropriate for individuals with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or above, classifying them as very severely obese, or a BMI of over 35, severely obese, if they have an obesity-related disease. While the procedure has high rates of success, it is not a magic bullet and patients need to commit to a proper diet, exercise, and supplement use after the procedure.


Doctors Explain MasterChef Graham Elliot’s Choice of Weight Loss Surgery

Graham Elliot - Courtesy of Celebuzz At nearly 400 lbs and struggling to play with his young kids, MasterChef Graham Elliot decided to make a significant change in his life and have weight loss surgery. We wondered if a man who built a career on food would still be able to taste the richness of his work after the surgery, so we asked some of our LocateADoc.com doctors what affect would the surgery have on the diet of patients like the TV chef.

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2013

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Risks of Morbid Obesity Outweigh those of Bariatric Surgery, says Dr. Feiz

Sleeve Gastrectomy by Dr Michael Feiz - LocateADoc.comAll forms of surgery carry inherent risks, but Dr. Feiz seconds the opinions of his peers in the field of bariatrics that weight loss surgery is the most effective treatment for morbid obesity


Impact of New Healthcare Law on California Weight Loss Surgery Coverage Remains Murky, notes Dr. Michael Feiz

Seriously interested weight loss patients who are now insured for bariatric procedures may wish to get started soon


Dr. Michael Feiz on What Makes a Great Bariatric Physician

Internationally respected surgeon discusses why weight loss procedures demand someone with exceptional skill and sensitivity


Obesity Statistics for Mexico and the U.S. Point to Increasing Need for Bariatric Procedures in the Latino Community

Leading surgeon and fluent Spanish-speaker Dr. Michael Feiz is ready to help Latinos and Mexican-Americans put the burden of severe obesity behind them