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Welcome to the LocateADoc Blog, an exciting journal, designed to share more information with you about elective procedures and treatments. As an enhancement to LocateADoc.com - a premier physician directory for patients - we have gathered interesting celebrity news, stories and observations that fascinate us. We hope they fascinate you too.

When it comes to that perfect smile, cosmetic dentistry can do magic. The area of cosmetic dentistry has been around for millennia but it has become more popular during the 1990's when movie stars showed off their glamorous smiles on TV and magazines.

Bad breath, or halitosis, is a delicate condition that causes many to be self-conscious. There are many ways to treat brad breath, but first you need the knowledge to fix the problem.

Rob Kardashian is the black sheep of the Kardashian clan. It is not that he is not good looking or rich or successful. Rather, he is a person who marches to the beat of his own drum. In fact, he does not mind messing up the Kardashian nest every now and again. Rob has always felt somewhat in the shadow of his famously gorgeous sisters. Although he has been shown much love and support from his family, especially from his sister Khloe, he always felt a little distant from the family.

One of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the U.S. is breast augmentation. It gives women with small or uneven breast an option to enhance the appearance of their breasts to create fuller, firmer and balanced breasts.

If you are suffering from spring allergies, you are not alone. Over 26 million Americans deal with chronic seasonal allergies according to the National Center of Health Statistics. This figure does not include people who may just be dealing with more minor symptoms from allergies, but if it did, it is presumed that number would shoot up to 40 million people.

When a patient is diagnosed with cancer all of their life’s plans are put to a stop. Career, hobbies, family, friends and all aspects of your life become a concern. For men and women of reproductive age, the future of fertility is an overwhelming issue to ponder at this point.

Vanessa Williams is a multitalented singer, actress, dancer, and former beauty queen. With her impressive list of talents and awards in addition to her obvious physical assets, one would assume that flawless skin comes easily to this multitalented lady. However, she has openly admitted that she struggled with skin problems in her earlier years when she was just starting her road to superstardom.

Are you considering a face lift? Lucky for you, the technology has come a long way since the early days of this cosmetic surgery. Rather than just stretching the skin, doctor’s now use innovative technique to actually shape the skin into a more youthful appearance. 

Back in the day, when teenagers suffered from acne it was just considered a normal thing. The doctor may tell them to eat healthier and use some facial soap. Luckily, today we know a lot more about what causes acne, so there are a number of treatment options available to those suffering from acne.

Chrissy Teigen is bold, brash, beautiful, and ballsy. She is married to the very hunky John Legend, and the cute twosome are expecting their first baby this year. For years the couple, who have been together for ten years, have tried to get pregnant with no luck. However, the good fortune fairy sprinkled baby dust upon them last fall when Chrissy finally became pregnant. In addition, they found out that they were expecting a little girl.