Wellness Medicine Before and After Pictures by Alan Stephen Terlinsky, MD

85 y/o Betty W. NuLiving Concierge Medical Practice Member

After my hip operation, I was transferred to a nursing home rehabilitation center for physical therapy. It was 30 miles away from my home and it was very hard for my daughter to travel to see me. I was very frightened and did not know if I would be getting the care I needed.

Dr. Terlinsky had recommended that I joined the NuLiving Concierge Medical Practice just before I had fallen at home and had broken my hip. So I was very impressed when I checked in at the nursing facility that I received a call from Dr. Terlinsky asking me how I was coming along.

I told him I was still in a bit of pain and my walking was still shaky. He told me not to worry and that he would call my nurse and ask for daily updates on my overall condition and my progress. He reminded me that I should call him on his cell phone at anytime of the day or night if something was not right.

After I recovered and was now at home, I came to see Dr. Terlinsky for a check-up. I was very appreciative of Dr. Terlinsky's care on my behalf and I told him that I stongly believed I received more attention at the nursing home because Dr. Terlinsky called my nurse every day. The nurses knew someone was watching over me very closely. The nurses told me they enjoyed speaking with Dr. Terlinsky and the help he gave them to care for me was very valuable.

I told Dr. Terlinsky , " Dr Terlinsky, being able to call you on your cell phone whenever I needed was like having you as my roommate!" We all laughed about that. I am very fortunate that I joined NuLiving Concierge Medical Private.

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