Sleeve Gastrectomy Before and After Photos

Sleeve gastrectomy before and after pictures can help you envision the possible results of this procedure. At, we have put together a short profile on this Bariatric surgery to inform prospective patients of some of the details. 

Sleeve gastrectomy is a weight loss or Bariatric procedure where the size of the stomach is reduced by about 25%. By surgically removing a large portion of the stomach and creating a more sleeve-like or tube-like shape, less food can be consumed and what is consumed is processed more quickly. This, in turn, expedites the weight loss process. This procedure is most appropriate for patients who have serious health problems and conditions that are directly related to their weight. It can reduce your risk factors for diabetes and heart-related issues.

It is important to note that this procedure is irreversible. Common side effects include vomiting and nausea within the first few weeks after surgery. Scarring is minimal with laparoscopic surgery, but there can also be risks associated with anesthesia, excessive bleeding, and postoperative infection.

How should I prepare for a sleeve gastrectomy?

  • Talk to your doctor about your eligibility for this surgery
  • Prior to surgery, you may be prescribed a bariatric diet that you must follow
  • Plan to work with a nutritionist after surgery to normalize your diet

Now that you know more about sleeve gastrectomy, before and after pictures can show you what other people have been able to achieve. The next step is to consult with a doctor, so look through profiles to find a surgeon to work with.

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