Revision Rhinoplasty Before and After Pictures by Melek Kayser, MD, FACS

CALL BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON DR. M. KAYSER, MD, FACS, NOW FOR AMAZING SAVINGS ON YOUR PROCEDURE!!! This 61 year old male patient is seen six months after revision rhinoplasty (reshaping of the nose). He initially presented having undergone a previous rhinoplasty elswhere many years earlier and was very unhappy about his look; indeed, his previous experience had even hindered him from having correctional surgery much earlier. He desired to simply have things look normal. The changes include the reduction of the dorsum (hump), shaping and rotation of the tip and correction of his deviation. At six months, there is restoration of balance to the face and softening of the contours. Needless to say, he is absolutely delighted as he feels that his nose has been returned to him. Dr. Kayser has provided care to patients from across the country and abroad as a result of his excellence in plastic surgery. For any questions and to schedule a consultation, please contact Dr. Kayser at Image by Design Plastic Surgery by registering online below through the "Contact the Doctor" button. M. Kayser, MD, FACS