Porcelain Veneers Before and After Pictures by Ballantyne Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, DDS

Carrie came to our office initially as a consultation. She had porcelain veneers placed on three of her front teeth as a young girl and during these years before growth is complete, the teeth can shift and change. You can see in the before pictures that this is exactly what happened. The front teeth look short and squaty compared to the rest of her teeth. After discussing several options with Carrie she decided on replacing these veneers, having the gums recontoured and whitening her teeth. This is the least we could do to get a more "normal" looking appearance for her front teeth. Because only three teeth were planned for new veneers, it did make the case more challanging. It is much harder to camoflauge inconsistencies in the smile when less teeth are involved. At the initial appointment we did a laser gum lift and recontouring, removed the old veneers and placed temporary bonded veneers on. After the gums had healed (about 8 weeks) we took impressions for the final empress porcelain veneers and shortly afterwards fused those three veneers into place. Carrie was pleased with the outcome and it definitely gave her more uniformity to her smile.