Nose Job (Rhinoplasty) Before and After Pictures by Bivik Shah, MD

This 26 year old woman from Columbus, OH came to the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery for a Rhinoplasty (“nose job”). She had been displeased with the appearance of her nose for quite some time now and wanted to see what she could do to correct her concerns. The board certified plastic surgeon performed the Rhinoplasty procedure for on her. He brought her nostrils in some to correct the width that she did not like. He also reconstructed the bones in her nose that caused the hump that she did not want. After the procedure, she was thrilled! She is now much happier with the appearance of her nose. The after photo was taken seven and a half months after surgery. Her results will continue to improve over time as the swelling decreases. This takes up to a year and a half after the procedure.