Neck Lift Before and After Photos encourages clients to review neck lift surgery before and after pictures to get a feel of how impressive the outcomes can be. With the ease of a mouse click, our clients are finding invaluable information just by scanning these photos as well as patient reviews, doctor profiles, and in-depth articles to become fully informed before they undergo surgery. We also offer the following brief synopsis of the procedure.

Neck lift surgery is designed to increase the cosmetic appeal of your neck by surgically removing excess skin or fat and in some instances neck muscles. The procedure involves trimming away the excess fat and skin and tightening your skin over the targeted areas. The surgery generally takes between two and four hours depending on the complexity.

How should I prepare for neck lift surgery?

  • Avoid all nicotine products and alcohol for the weeks prior to surgery.
  • Set up a home recovery area that includes ice packs, gauze, thermometer, a telephone and pillows.
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, preferably button down shirts you don't have to pull over your head. hopes this synopsis, as well as our neck lift surgery before and after pictures, patient reviews, doctor profiles, and in-depth articles, gives you a baseline moving forward.

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