Midface Rejuvenation Before and After Pictures by Achih H. Chen, M.D.

47 year old woman who was bothered by her nasolabial folds, the "parentheses" around her mouth. She was counseled that the nasolabial fold is a normal structure present in even infants. The appearance of deepening of the nasolabial folds is caused by deflation of the mid-face(cheeks) and subsequent sagging much like loss of air from a balloon. She underwent re-volumization of the midface with midface implants to recreate youthful fullness of the midface and cheek. The implants were placed through a small incision in her mouth. The Midface Rejuvenation was performed by Dr. Achih Chen at the Evans, GA facility, The Georgia Center, serving patients from the metro Augusta area and Aiken,SC. The arrows highlight the loss of volume of the midface and how volume replacement recreates the fullness of youth. Notice how the loss of volume of the midface seems to deepen the nasolabial fold (parentheses around the mouth) as the midface sags from deflation. Midface implants re-volumize the cheek region. (The facelift incisions were from a previous facelift performed by another surgeon.)