Mastectomy Before and After Photos

Breast cancer, trauma, and other diseases sometimes require a mastectomy. Before and after pictures here at should help you to see what kind of results are possible and what surgeons are available in your area. Our goal is to provide patients with informative information. Our before and after picture galleries are filterable by age, height, and weight, so you can see what similar patients have achieved. Our mastectomy pictures can also be filtered by doctor’s location, enabling you to match results with a conveniently located surgeon.

A mastectomy is deemed necessary when the health of the breast(s) cannot be sustained and it is medically advantageous to surgically remove the breast. Usually, this procedure is followed by a breast augmentation in order to replace the lost tissue and achieve a natural-looking bust.

Review the mastectomy before and after pictures below, read our in-depth articles, and visit our doctors’ profile pages. As with any surgery, it’s important to know that your surgeon is skilled in this procedure. The surgeon’s accreditations, certification, and training is available on each doctor’s profile page. You can also read patient reviews to see what kind of care you can expect. If you need information that’s not listed, feel free to fill out a form and discuss your concerns. hopes these pictures will help you find the best local doctor for your procedure!

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