Thigh (Leg) Lift Before and After Pictures by Bivik Shah, MD

This woman came to the Columbus Institute of Plastic Surgery with concerns about the excess skin and fat that is between her legs. The board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Bivik Shah first performed liposuction to her inner thighs. He performed the procedure removing as much fat as he could. She then came back 8 months later to have the excess skin removed with a mini-thighplasty (thigh lift)! Within this procedure there is an incision made from the groin that extends down toward the knee. The excess skin is completely removed, leaving the remaining skin nice and tight. The healing process will involve swelling and maybe some bruising, however after six weeks you’ll be able to be fully back to your normal activities! The scar however, will take up to a year and a half before it looks its absolute best. The after photo here was taken two and a half months after the thighplasty.