Thigh (Leg) Lift Before and After Photos

When you’re looking into a leg lift, before and after pictures featured here on can give you some perspective on what is possible with elective surgery. We’ve also put together a short introduction to the procedure so you can make informed decisions when investing in elective surgery.

A thigh lift is a procedure that contours the shape and appearance of the thighs. It is most appropriate for individuals who have recently lost a profound amount of weight or are unable to achieve their aesthetic goals through diet and exercise alone. A combination of liposuction, muscle reconstruction, and excess skin removal can help you achieve better proportions and more appealing contours.

This is considered an invasive procedure, so there are risks to consider. Some patients have issues with excessive bleeding or problems with anesthesia. As with all surgery, patients are also at risk for postoperative infection. These risks can be mitigated by working with an experienced surgeon.

How should I prepare for leg lift surgery?

  • Talk to your doctor about whether you are healthy enough for elective surgery
  • Discuss your medical history and aesthetic goals with a surgeon
  • Take time off for your recovery, as this will largely determine the final results

Leg lift before and after pictures may help you get a sense of what a successful surgery may look like, but the next step is speaking with a doctor. So browse profiles to find a suitable surgeon and practice near you.

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