Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Before and After Pictures by Matthew A. Fitzer, M.D.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery, Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery performed at the Virginia Bariatric Center by Bariatric surgeon Dr. Fitzer. Meet Patrick.

"If you are over weight or obese, have high blood pressure a diabetic or have sleeping problems and want to help cure these problems bariatric surgery may be for you.

I had tried many ways to loose weight nothing worked on a visit to my family physician he recommended to have this done which i had always thought about doing. Most of my life I was overweight and then became obese.

In 1989 I had weighed 190 lbs. at the age of 23 by the time I was 44 I was 315 lbs. not good. So that's were Dr. Fitzer stepped in. I attended his (weight Loss) seminar and had my initial office visit. I knew this was the right thing for me, so much that day at the office visit we scheduled all of the various consultations like psychiatry, dietitian, and cardiology that were required to get approval for the surgery. The approval process was a challenge my insurance required me to lose 5% of my weight but if you really want it you will I lost 10% before the surgery. This is not hard to do but you have to stay focused and stick with the outline of the program. The three days before the surgery being on a liquid diet were the toughest three days. The day of the surgery I had weighed 279 I am now 160 after 20 months. You need to respect what you have now.

Before the surgery I had a size 46 waist hard to find clothes and frustrating now I am a size 32. One embarrassing day was when i couldn't fit in a roller coaster seat Ii was mortified that everyone on the ride saw what had happened. When I was heavy I didn't think I was struggling to do things like tie shoes, put socks on,and cut toe nails well you are if you are heavy. Now its all easy to do. Your eating habits will change drastically. I use to be able to eat a whole large pizza now a slice fulfills my hunger. Eating habits have changed you eat to much you will either feel sick or get sick not a pleasant thing. The weight will come off along with muscle tone so I work out everyday to build the muscle back and to stay fit. I never thought I would ever go to a gym."

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