Laparoscopic Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Before and After Pictures by

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Hi, my name is Michelle. I had a Medial Gastric Bypass surgery performed by Dr. Myur Srikanth on March 30, 2006. Let me just start by saying Dr. Srikanth and WLS saved my life. Prior to surgery I was 5' 2" tall, a whopping 333 pounds and miserable. I had Sleep Apnea, used a CPAP machine, my hips and knees just killed me, I took NSAIDs (anti-inflammation medications) on a daily basis, I had indigestion so bad I kept the Tums manufacturer in business. I would make excuses to my husband and daughter to not have to participate in family outings that required the smallest amount of physical exertion. I couldn't walk up one flight of stairs without being out of breath and barely able to talk. When I tried to exercise, it always backfired because the slightest workout left me in pain and down and out for at least three days. It was a vicious circle.

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