Labia Minora/Majora Surgery Before and After Pictures by Oscar A. Aguirre, MD, FACOG

The patient is a 42 year old woman from Thornton, Colorado found Dr. Aguirre, a Board Certified Gynecologist, fellowship-trained in urogynecology and master cosmetic gynecologist in Denver Colorado through an Internet search. She was particularly bothered by her large labia. She also experiences discomfort with tight clothing and pulling sensation with sex. She desires improvement in the cosmetic appearance of her vulva. Dr. Aguirre performed aesthetic vaginal surgery to address her cosmetic concerns. She had the following 1) Laser reduction labiaplasty of the labia minora 2)Excision of excess prepuce on the right side 3) Excision of redundant prepuce on the left side 4) Reduction of labia majora bilaterally