Labia Minora/Majora Surgery Before and After Photos

When you’re considering labia minora surgery, before and after photos from can provide the visual references you need to move forward. While no two patients are exactly alike, they can help you get an idea of what sort of results you can expect with this surgical procedure.

Labia minora surgery is also referred to as labiaplasty. It is designed to address both medical and cosmetic concerns. Many women consider this procedure to correct deformities or genetic abnormalities. By removing excess skin on the clitoral hood or tightening the vaginal walls, you can improve genital health. In cases where there are no health risks, it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Examples of this include, but are not limited to, vaginal rejuvenation after pregnancy, profound weight loss, or aging.

As with all plastic surgery procedures, there are risks to consider. Some of the more common risks include excessive swelling and bleeding. In rare cases, the level of sexual sensitivity is affected.

What should I expect with labia minora surgery?

  • Speak with your gynecologist about your genital health
  • If this is a health issue, talk to your insurance company about covering costs before surgery
  • After surgery, take at least 3 weeks to heal before resuming sexual activity

We hope that our labia minora surgery before and after photos can help reinforce your decision to pursue this surgery. When you are ready to talk to a surgeon, browse profiles to find an appropriate plastic surgery practice.

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