Immediate Breast Reconstruction Tram Flap Before and After Photos

With TRAM flap before and after pictures in this gallery, you can learn more about your reconstructive plastic surgery options. presents this short summary on what this option entails.

TRAM is short for “transverse rectus abdominis muscle.” This is a muscle located in the lower abdomen. This “flap” of muscle, fat, and skin can be used in breast reconstruction procedures. It is often used because it is very similar to natural breast tissue. Depending on your surgical plan, tissue will be cut and moved to restore the size and shape of your breasts after a mastectomy. You also get the benefits of a mini tummy tuck.

This is a highly invasive procedure, and it’s important that patients understand the risk factors. With any invasive surgery, there can be complications with anesthesia, excessive bleeding, and chance of infection. Some women may also experience poor scarring or have asymmetrical results. The best way to avoid these problems is to work with a surgeon trained in this reconstruction method. Contact immediate breast reconstruction tram flap doctors in your area today!

How should I prepare for TRAM flap surgery?

  • Ask your insurance company if this reconstructive surgery is covered under your plan
  • Talk to your plastic surgeon about combining your reconstruction and mastectomy surgeries
  • Set aside time for recovery so that you can achieve better overall results.

We hope that our TRAM flap before and after pictures and short summary have helped you feel more confident about making an informed decision regarding your breast reconstruction. To find a local practice and start consultations with a surgeon, browse profiles today.

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