Gastric Bypass Surgery Before and After Photos

If you’ve been unable to lose weight with diet and exercise, consider a gastric bypass. Before and after pictures of these surgeries tell little about the quality of the surgical care, which is why each set of photos is accompanied by a link to the surgeons’ profile page. What these pictures do display is the enormous amount of weight that can be lost after undergoing this surgery.

Rather than directly removing fat, as in the case of a liposuction, a gastric bypass surgery divides the stomach into two parts, which essentially tells the brain that the individual is full sooner. The incredible alterations of figures that result are displayed below. To find out pertinent information, like whether or not your surgeon is board certified, visit the doctor’s profile pages and review their accreditations and certifications. We also feature a section for patient reviews, so you can get a first hand account of the experiences of patients just like you.

We hope the resources that accompany our gastric bypass before and after pictures will help you find a local doctor to provide you with natural-looking results. is here to empower patients. Use all the resources at your disposal; filter results by age, gender, and location to pinpoint the exact surgeon you want for your surgery.

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