Full Mouth Reconstruction / Rehabilitation Before and After Pictures by Christian Yaste, DDS

Additional procedures:   

Crowns & Bridges

I had the pleasure of meeting Phil at my office for a free cosmetic dental consultation in Charlotte, North Carolina. He was unhappy about his teeth in general and how they looked. He thought his teeth looked old and worn down. There was a dental bridge that replaced some of his top front teeth and many worn lower teeth. Phil also had several teeth with very large metal fillings that were breaking down. After a full new patient exam with x-rays and a lengthy discussion about what would work best for Phil we went to work developing a plan to provide affordable dentistry and work in his time constraints. In this case we had to address many issues including a loss of vertical dimension to Phil's face as well as his bite. It took about 2 months from start to finish and just a few visits and Phil had a completely changed smile. We used E-Max porcelain to cover the old breaking down teeth and replace the bridge as well. These porcelain crowns are the latest in technology and are incredibly strong and durable. Phil wanted the whitest teeth we could give him. Even whiter than mine. I do not recommend that everyone go with a really white smile, it is important for it to look natural on most people, but Phil wanted them super white and is very pleased with the results. Changing his smile gave him better function and saved his lower teeth that were wearing away. You can see from the pictures what a difference fixing his teeth made in the way he smiles.

These cosmetic dentistry photos are the work of Christian Yaste, DDS, located in Charlotte, NC.

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