Facial Liposuction Before and After Photos

With facial liposuction before and after pictures, you can get a sense of how this procedure can transform the look of your face. LocateADoc.com has put together this short profile so that you can learn more before you talk to a surgeon about your aesthetic goals.

Facial liposuction is most appropriate for men and women looking to achieve contours in the face and neck. It helps those who are unable to achieve their aesthetic goals through diet and exercise. It is also an optional complement when designing a face lift surgical plan. Like all traditional methods of liposuction, this procedure is done under a general anesthesia. During the procedure, the surgeon will begin by making a small incision into which he or she inserts a small cannula, or tube. The cannula dislodges fat cells, which it then suctions out of the body.

Like all surgeries, there are risks to consider. Some patients experience pain, bleeding, bruising, or scarring. There is also a chance for postoperative infection or asymmetry. Talk to your facial liposuction doctor about your risk factors.

What can I expect for my  facial liposuction?

  • Discuss your aesthetic goals to see if this is the right procedure for you
  • Arrange assistance for travel after surgery
  • Stop smoking well in advance of the procedure

If you are thinking of getting facial liposuction, before and after pictures can help you have realistic expectations. Once you are ready to speak with a surgeon, browse LocateADoc.com profiles to find a local practice.

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