Face Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy) Before and After Pictures by Raghu Athre, M.D.

S is a lovelly woman who also feels that "the face that she sees in the moirror doeesn't match the way she feels on the inside." This is a very common statement at Athre Surgical Associates. Patients look high and low to find a plastic surgeon to give them a "refreshed" appearance, not a "done" appearance.

S wanted exactly that. S also was an out-of-town patient. She underwent multiple phone consultations and even Skype consultations. After her consultations, S flew down to Houston for her face lift and eyelid surgery. She underwent the procedures at the Kobayashi Surgical Center in Clear Lake, a suburb of Houston. She stayed in town for 10 days and then flew back home. She is shown here 10 days after surgery. S's main concern that she not loose her "pseudo-Asian eyes" that her husband loved! That's why she had a very conservative upper blepharoplasty.

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