Extreme Makeover Before and After Photos

When you’re looking for an extreme makeover, before and after pictures on LocateADoc.com can show you just how transformative a full body lift or cosmetic dentistry can be. To help you make informed decisions about making big cosmetic changes, we’ve put together this brief discussion of cosmetic procedures that are designed to drastically improve your appearance. 

There are two main types of extreme makeovers. When considering a makeover for the body, the most transformative surgical procedure is the body lift. A body lift is usually a combination of lift procedures that remove excess skin and fat from areas such as the thighs, back, abdominal area, arms, and even the breasts. This is most appropriate for people who have recently lost a profound amount of weight. There are also extreme makeovers offered by cosmetic dentists. These makeovers are customized to fit the needs of the individual. 

How should I prepare for an extreme makeover?

  • For body lifts, talk to your GP about your eligibility for elective surgery
  • For extreme smile makeovers, talk to your dentist or consult with a cosmetic specialist
  • Research the risks associated with the procedure you choose

Now that you have learned a little more about what is included in an extreme makeover, before and after pictures on our LocateADoc.com gallery can help you see what might be applicable to your aesthetic goals. When you’re ready, browse doctor profiles to find a practice near you. 

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