Endoscopic Forehead Lift Before and After Photos

If you have been considering elective revision or enhancement, it may be wise to consider endoscopic  surgery. Before  and  after  pictures here on LocateADoc.com can show you how this methodology can reduce scarring. Alongside this gallery, we have also provided prospective patients with this brief profile of the subject so that you can be more informed about your options.

Endoscopic surgery is a method that is used in many procedures across medicine. With these new techniques, surgeons only need to make small incisions in order to perform many plastic surgery procedures such as liposuction, facelift, and breast augmentation.

It is important to note that while this method can reduce surgical risk, many of these procedures are still performed under general anesthesia. Candidates for this procedure are healthy and active. This helps reduce risks with bleeding, infection, complications with anesthesia, and other common surgical issues.

What should I expect when preparing for endoscopic surgery?

  • Discuss your concerns of scarring with your surgeon.
  • Talk about any current medications you are taking.
  • Set aside the time to recover to help ensure desired results.

We hope that by providing you with more information as well as endoscopic surgerybefore and after pictures, you can now feel confident to pursue the elective surgery of your choice. We welcome you to browse LocateADoc.com profiles to find a provider that utilizes this method in their practice.

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