Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) Before and After Photos

If your child has protruding ears or you want to improve the appearance or shape of your ears, you will need to work with a plastic surgeon that specializes in ear surgery (otoplasty). LocateADoc.com provides ear surgery before and after picture to help you make the right decisions regarding your surgery and who you have perform it.

Otoplasty involves the pinning back of the ears and surgery to improve the shape and appearance of the tips of the ears. Most patients are fully recovered within two weeks after the ear surgery procedure. It is very important that you find an ear surgeon who is skilled in this procedure.

Take a look at the ear surgery before and after pictures below to see examples of successful outcomes with ear pinning and otoplasty procedures. When you are ready for an appointment, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon through the links below.

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