Dermabrasion Before and After Photos

Dermabrasionbefore and after pictures will show you the results of successful treatments. At, we have also put together this short treatment profile to help you consider your goals and make informed decisions about your elective treatment options.

Dermabrasion is also referred to as dermaplaning. It is a treatment that removes top layers of the skin by scraping the surface with surgical precision. This treatment can help to eliminate facial scarring, smooth out wrinkles, and give you face a refreshed and youthful appearance. It can also be combined with other aesthetic treatments.

The most common risks include changes to the skin’s pigmentation and enlarged pores immediately preceding treatment. Infection and scarring can also occur but are considered rare and can easily be avoided by working with an appropriate surgeon or dermatology doctor.

What should I expect with dermabrasion treatment?

  • Talk to your doctor about specific instructions regarding eating and drinking before treatment
  • Avoid aspirin and other medications that affect blood clotting
  • Before and after topical treatments may be prescribed

Now that you know a little bit more about dermabrasion, before and after pictures can help you formulate your own personal goals. When you’re ready to speak with a surgeon or dermatologist, browse profiles to find a local provider.

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