Dentures Before and After Photos

For seniors looking at dentures, before and after pictures in the gallery can show you how these dental prosthetics can restore your smile. To provide you with a little more information, we’ve written a brief summary of the benefits of this restorative option.

Dentures replace a set of teeth. If you have lost the full functionality of your teeth due to trauma, disease, or natural aging, these prosthetics can help you restore your ability to chew. They also help people feel more comfortable with their smile. They are customized by a dentist to fit comfortably in your mouth and held in place by gripping agents.

These dental prosthetics require care to maintain. They should be cleaned regularly with specialized products to ensure there is no risk of infection due to excessive bacteria. To avoid problems with the fit, work with a dentist who can create well-fitting and comfortable prosthetics.

What should I expect when preparing for dentures?

  • Talk to your dentist about other tooth replacement procedures available to you
  • Extraction may be necessary to prepare for the prosthetic
  • Continue to visit a dentist bi-annually for checkups.

Now that you know more about dentures, before and after pictures can show you just how natural and comfortable they can look. To find a dentist to work with, browse profiles and choose a practice in your area.

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