Crowns & Bridges Before and After Pictures by Joseph Hufanda, DDS

Additional procedures:   

Porcelain Veneers, Sedation Dentistry, Smile Makeover

Mr. J of Charlotte, NC had alot of dentistry done 15-20 years ago, and it was starting to break down. He decided he wanted to have his next round of dental work done with dental sedation. Mr. J came in for his new patient exam and after radiographs were taken and conditions charted, we sat down and came up with a plan that would fix key areas of his mouth, but would also include a smilemakeover. Some of the current crowns in front did not match because they had been done at different times. Mr. J was amenable to the treatment plan as long as he would feel as comfortable as the sedation ads he had been hearing on the radio promised he would be. The day of treatment, Mr. J was given a couple small pills, headphones placed and a movie put on the overhead tv screen for him to watch while he rested comfortably. Before he knew it, we were done with the procedure and he went home. The next day he woke up refreshed and with a brand new smile...temporaries of course, but a whole new look, and didnt remember much of his dental appointment. "Now that's how dentistry should be experienced!" he said later. Ten units of porcelain-fused to ceramic restorations where fabricated at the laboratory and sent back for us to place. Again, he opted for sedation dentistry, and had his new porcelain restorations placed, followed by a good nights rest. The next day, he woke up to see his new, shiney smile and was really happy with the results. Another satisfied client at Ballantyne Center for Dentistry.

These Smile Makeover Pictures are the work of Joseph Hufanda, DDS practicing in Charlotte, NC.

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