Craniofacial Surgery Before and After Pictures by Barry L Eppley, M.D., D.M.D.

This 25 year-old male from Los Angeles California was bothered by a skull deformity whicih consisted of grooves or depressions on each side from the top of his head onto his forehead. They became more noticeable as his hairline was receding and he wore closely cropped hair. Due to the sloping of his forehead, he also ha d difficulty keeping a hat from falling down onto his eyebrows. He desired to have those areas built up. Dr. Barry Eppley, Indianapolis plastic surgeon, performed an injectable cranioplasty technique using Kryptonite bone cement. Through a small one inch incision as the back end of the defect, material was injected and shaped from the outside until it hardened. These are photos of his result just one day after the surgery. There was no bruising and minimal swelling.