Cosmelan® Before and After Pictures by Celibre Laser Skin Care

Los Angeles Melasma Removal. Female Melasma patient before and after using Celibre Depigmentation program with hydroquinone. This program involves a stepwise introduction to hydroquinone at levels ranging between 4% and 6%. In this program, Hydroquinone is not the only active ingredient in our formulation. There are other proprietary depigmentation ingredients that allow many patients that have failed other hydroquinone programs to be successful in ours. We also utilize chemical peels, retin A and/or glycolic acid to speed the exfoliation process (getting rid of dead skin cells) which ultimately improves absorption of the depigmentation product and leads to better outcomes. Celibre patients are not on Hydroquinone formulations for any longer than 3 months intervals as the FDA advises against prolonged uninterrupted use of hydroquinone.